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Do you get in the pool with my dog?

Yes, we deem it beneficial and necessary to accompany every dog in the pool.

Can I stay with my dog?

We find that dogs can be happier and calmer when their owners are involved or even participating in the session, but this is not mandatory. In any event we recommend that you wear a waterproof jacket if you want to stay by the pool as it can get a bit wet.

Do I need veterinary permission before I bring my dog?

Yes - we do need your vets consent to confirm that your dog is fit to swim. Please refer to the Client Registration Form.


Will my insurance pay for the treatment?

As our trained staff are members of  the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH), insurance companies are happy to pay for treatment provided the dog was referred by your vet. The level of cover depends on the individual policy so we advise you to speak to your insurer before treatment commences. You pay for treatment to Bristol Canine Hydrotherapy Centre and claim the costs back from your insurance company.

Can my dog receive treatment even if my vet has not suggested it?

Yes - simply speak to your vet and ask the if they would be willing to refer your dog for hydrotherapy. The majority of vets are very supportive and willing to give consent if it is appropriate for your dog.

Is hydrotherapy only for dogs with health problems?

No - some dogs come for fun, some come to build up muscle and fitness and some come to learn to swim